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How is NASDAQ: ACIA Performing In the online trading market?

Acacia Comms is the optical networking technology and strategy company that goes on to empowerthe cloud and the service providers in order to meet the fast-growing customer demands for data. Its innovative high-speedsilicon-based optical interconnect products go on to accelerate the network scalability via advancements in the performance, cost, and...

Cyberattacks can be prevented: Try some of these established practices!

Data protection & privacy laws have forced businesses to take cybersecurity as a serious concern. No company is entirely immune to cyberattacks. Cybercriminals and hackers are often using simple malware and backdoor exploit, to hack into systems and cause a security breach. Not all hacking attempts are meant to just...

ISO Sensitivity And Its Role In A Perfect Photo

Many people underestimate the weight of ISO sensitivity in photography. Considering that the most important thing is to learn how to adjust the exposure triangle correctly, ISO becomes a basic term to achieve good results. However, three factors will help us achieve a quality photographic exposure: the shutter speed, the...