3 Reasons You Should Be Using Bookmarks on Mac

There’s a whole wide world out there on the Internet, and it’s easy to get lost amidst all of the information and opportunity. Today, a huge percentage of users rely on the web to get basic information on everything from cooking recipes to global news. 

Since all of this information is at our fingertips, it’s easy to access: but it’s also easy to lose if we aren’t mindful of where we’re visiting when we browse around. That’s where crafting bookmarks on Mac comes in. 

When we bookmark various sites, we make it much easier to return to them again later when we needed them. How can you add bookmarks on a Mac and what might be the benefits of doing so? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

1. Quick Access To Your Favorites

Despite advances in tech around the world, one thing you’ll find is common among most modern people is the feeling that we do not have enough time to get to do all we want to accomplish.

It’s a frustrating feeling!

That’s why being able to shorten the time it takes to do simple tasks can help people in many ways both big and small. Bookmarking on a Mac is one such way that we can better our daily efficiency and save time.

When you use a bookmark folder or bar in your favorite web browser, you’re able to click over to your most-used websites with ease and speed. You won’t need to take the time to type out the address, search for the site, or do anything, really. 

All you have to do is quickly click a simple button and blam: you’re there. While this might only shave off a few seconds each time, these are sites that you visit nearly every day, possibly multiple times a day.

Eventually, those saved seconds will add up into minutes, which can add up to hours. A little time saved each time can really end up meaning quite a lot.

If you aren’t certain of how to bookmark on your Mac, you can read more at While things might vary from browser to browser, the overall process is similar and shouldn’t be at all hard to get familiar with. 

2. Never Lose Important Web Pages

Of course, your bookmarks section isn’t only for your favorite websites. While this is a good use, it can also serve as an all-important tool when it comes to ensuring you don’t lose pages you’ll want to access later.

Let’s map out a pretend scenario to drive this point home. Let’s say the holidays are around the corner and you’ve made it your mission this year to treat everyone to some special holiday cookies. You’ve found the perfect recipe online after a good amount of searching.

Now, when it comes a time a few weeks later to actually create those cookies, you don’t want to have to spend hours searching for that recipe again. You simply don’t have the time in the day!

Getting around this need by bookmarking the page right when you find it can save you lots of trouble. 

This mentality can hold true for all sorts of things, from online shopping listings to even funny meme accounts. All web browsers allow for different ways to organize your bookmarks tab as well, meaning you can keep these various pages of interest clean and organized as well.

The process of organizing your bookmarks will work a little differently from browser to browser. Generally speaking, however, you should be able to create folders within the overall bookmarks section just as you would on your own desktop.

Within these folders you can create more folders, crafting whatever file structure you might deem best suited to the pages you are trying to save.

3. Organization From Computer to Computer

Depending on what web browser you are using, you might be able to use your bookmarks to help you stay organized from computer to computer as well. While you’re most often working on your own computer, you’ll find that sometimes you need to get set up somewhere else.

Perhaps you’re logging on at an office or using a friend’s laptop while on the road. 

If you use a web browser like Chrome, your bookmarks can help make the experience of this new computer feel just like home. Since Chrome and other login-based web browsers recognize your account, they’ll bring your bookmarks along with you no matter where you log in from. 

That means you can open the web anywhere and immediately have access to all the pages you might need. This can be a huge help, meaning you can access your organized web library just about anywhere you go.

No need to wait until you get back home in order to find certain information or get certain work done. You can do it all no matter where you are located.

Learning to delete bookmarks when you need to is also no big challenge, and you can do it from any computer you can log in on. That makes your digital spring cleaning no big problem.

Creating Bookmarks on Mac

Learning to create bookmarks on Mac is an important part of getting the most out of your Apple device. There are many reasons to craft bookmarks, but the above are some of the most essential and important. Bookmarks will no doubt make your overall experience on the web much more seamless and convenient. 

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