Can you watch BBC iPlayer on multiple devices?

To answer your question real quick, yes, you can!

BBC iPlayer is among some of the most in-demand streaming services in the world, alongside many other popular choices like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. You’ll be able to sign in to your account on multiple devices at one go, taking the service along with you even while travelling outside the country.

However, there’s one problem. BBC iPlayer, besides being a popular choice is also one of the most heavily geo-restricted streaming giants in the world. You’ll only find it available to the people living in the UK or its territories.

 If you try to access it from anywhere else in the world, you’ll immediately be blocked out from it. You’ll receive a warning sign that says the service isn’t available within your country, or that you’re probably using a VPN or proxy.

Regardless of you being connected to a VPN or not, you’ll still receive the warning sign if you’re anywhere outside its territories. So, if you’re trying to access the service on multiple devices, you need to make sure you first have access to the service. And, if you do have access to BBC iPlayer, you need to make sure that all your devices are secured or protected. You probably should consider investing in the best VPN for multiple devices to allow simultaneous connections, access to BBC iPlayer and security over all devices.

 If you look below, I’ll be highlighting a few tips you can consider, to choose the best VPN that offers multiple device connections and one that’s best for BBC iPlayer.

How to choose the best VPN service for multiple device connections

Your main target should be:

  • Being able to sign in or use BBC iPlayer on multiple supported devices.
  • Accessing BBC iPlayer from other countries or territories outside the UK
  • Protection of multiple BBC iPlayer compatible devices
  • Multiple simultaneous connections

So, keeping that in mind, here’s how you choose one:

  • As mentioned above, a VPN should be able to first allow smooth access to BBC iPlayer. This service is extremely difficult to get into, and to access it you need to make sure that your VPN provider offers UK servers or servers in the BBC iPlayer territories.
  • BBC iPlayer allows you to sign in to multiple supported devices. There’s a whole list of them. Even if you’re trying to access the service through website, certain devices are allowed for it. The VPN should offer VPN apps for them.
  • Choose a provider that offers simultaneous device connections. This means you’ll be able to add privacy and security protection over all your BBC iPlayer devices.
  • Fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth is a must. This will allow you to bypass ISP speed throttling and stream in HD quality on BBC iPlayer.

Lastly, there are many VPN providers in the industry but not all are compatible with multiple devices nor offer access to BBC iPlayer. There are a couple of top providers that offer the best VPN discounts, so you wouldn’t have to worry about spending too much.