Essential Tips for Implementing Concealed Weapons Detection Systems

Covert surveillance systems are gaining popularity as a means of enhancing security in commercial properties, in institutions, and at concerts and sporting events. These systems offer superb monitoring  – the type of monitoring that makes them the preferred choice for those who want to protect their premises without causing inconvenience to the public.

So, how do you install a concealed weapons detection system?

Setting Up a Detection System

Aligning yourself with a security company that offers premium equipment involves several steps you need to note and follow. Doing so will ensure both utmost security and efficiency.

Step 1; Selecting the system

Scanning devices, used for detecting weapons, that deploy metal detection and thermal imaging. Security guards use computer software and technology to stay alert for threats and to stop suspects without increasing the danger of a confrontation.

Consider factors like  the coverage area required and your budget when making your decision.

Step 2; Determining the placement

Once you have selected the covert surveillance system for your property, evaluate the best locations for installing the devices. Optimal placement is key to ensuring coverage and effectiveness in detecting any suspicious activities. 

You’ll need to take into account entry points, areas of high value, areas of vulnerability, and traffic flow inside or outside the property.

Step 3; Getting the installation site ready

When you’ve chosen where you want your devices to go, make sure each site is prepared by removing anything that might cause problems or interfere with their operation. Check for things like electronic devices that could get in the way.. Of course, make sure there’s room for the system, and consider the wiring, other electronics, or software you might need.

Step 4; Installing the components

You’ll need to go over installation with the security company. Double check that all connections can be secured and, again, that all the system devices provide full coverage. Security company personnel can show you how they will support installation and how the system will help them perform their activities.

A weapons detection system (WDS) today can back your safety needs with an induction lidar (thermal camera) and metal detector along with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Security personnel can use a controller tablet and monitor tablet to track alerts discreetly. 

You can set up components either inside or outside. Use  the system for permanent or temporary security needs.

Step 5; Customizing the system

Once you’ve got everything installed, connect each device to a power source—either through hardwiring or through a wireless connection. 

You can then use a software or mobile app that comes with your system – adjusting the settings according to your preferences. 

This could include things like sensitivity levels, alerts and a notifications setup, including the addition of recording schedules. Some metal detectors are set off when someone with an artificial joint or hip replacement goes through the scanner, so the equipment can be highly reactive.

Step 6; Giving the system a test run

Now that your hidden detection system is all set up and configured properly, it’s time to put it through the paces. Try triggering the devices in scenarios—like entering or leaving an area—to see how well the system responds to and detects activity. Make any adjustments, if required.

Step 7; Maintaining the system

Once you’ve successfully installed your detection system, it’s also important to regularly maintain it to ensure that it continues to work effectively. Partnering with a reliable security company will keep you current in this respect. 

Maintenance includes making needed updates and keeping the software current.


Incorporating a hidden detection system offers solid security solutions for your property. Therefore, it’s vital to strategically place and keep the system running smoothly for optimal outcomes. By working with a dependable security company, you can meet your security goals and feel much more peace of mind over time.