How can we use HTTP proxy servers in China?

HTTP proxy is the most common type of such servers. The main purpose is to organize the work of browsers and other programs using the TCP protocol. Standard ports 80, 8080, 3128.

An HTTP proxy is a program that makes HTTP requests on behalf of a client program. Used when you need to access the Internet from behind a firewall. The cache is a means of accelerating access due to the local storage of frequently used data. The local HTTP cache is built into the browser. Caching HTTP proxy – a program that allows you to speed up access to WWW and FTP sites by caching data requested by different clients in one place. It also uses the proxy protocol to communicate with the browser. Can also be used for proxies without caching.

Can be used for:

  • reducing the access time to sites (average access time when hitting the cache – 0.04 sec; with a miss – 1.7 sec.);
  • reducing the load on the communication channel (reducing the cost of access: HTTP packets make up 70-80% of traffic and are cached by 20 percent);
  • going out of the firewall (for example, CN proxy).
  • reducing the load on the HTTP server (when working in reverse mode)

Using a Fineproxy, you can cache data from frequently visited resources, as well as compress downloaded content. This reduces the load on the channel, reduces traffic consumption, and speeds up network connectivity.