How to Turn Off AirPods Reading Texts

One of the appealing features of Apple’s AirPods is their integration with Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. With Siri, you can have your text messages read to you through your AirPods, enabling a hands-free and convenient experience. However, not everyone may want this feature enabled all the time. If you’re one of those people, this article will guide you on how to turn off AirPods reading texts.

Turning Off “Announce Messages with Siri”

The feature that reads text messages through your AirPods is called “Announce Messages with Siri.” Here’s how you can disable it:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone: The first step is to access the settings application. Look for the grey gear icon on your home screen and tap it to open.
  2. Go to Notifications: In the settings menu, scroll down until you find “Notifications.” Tap on it to open the notifications settings.
  3. Select “Announce Messages with Siri”: In the Notifications settings, look for the “Announce Messages with Siri” option and tap on it.
  4. Toggle the switch: On the “Announce Messages with Siri” page, you’ll see a toggle switch at the top of the screen. If the switch is green, that means the feature is enabled. Tap the switch to turn it off. The switch will turn gray when the feature is disabled.

After following these steps, Siri will stop reading your text messages aloud through your AirPods.

If You Want More Control

If you want to have more control over this feature instead of entirely turning it off, you have a few options:

  • Reply without Confirmation: If this is enabled, Siri will not confirm your responses to messages before sending them.
  • Announce Messages From: You can select specific contacts from whom you want to hear messages. You can choose “Favorites,” “Recents,” “Contacts,” or “Everyone.”

These settings allow you to customize your experience with the “Announce Messages with Siri” feature based on your personal preferences.


Having your texts read out through your AirPods can be incredibly useful, but it’s not for everyone or for all times. Fortunately, Apple provides straightforward ways to disable or customize this feature. By following the steps above, you can easily control when and how Siri announces messages through your AirPods, ensuring a user experience that best suits your needs. Remember, the instructions in this article apply to iOS 13 and later; if you’re using an older version, you may need to follow different steps.