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Methods to Repurpose Your Most Successful Content

Repurposing content is a way to extend or reuse your pre existing content. When it comes to writing unique and fresh content, sometimes you may occasionally be struck by writer’s block. 

Content repurposing is the way to solve this problem as it helps to write high-quality content regularly. Content repurposing is not the way to cheat the system. It’s the way to represent high-quality content in different ways on new channels.

Ways to Repurpose Your Content

Here are 5 most useful ways to repurpose your content for different platforms in various ways:

1. Youtube Videos

Nowadays, most audiences prefer to watch videos on the internet. Based on recent studies in 2023, 91% of the viewers prefer to see online video content from brands. However, this number was at 85% in 2018. As a result, brands are choosing videos as a powerful marketing tool.

Therefore, you can convert your highest-performing blogs especially how-to-guides into YouTube videos. Even if you do not have a branded YouTube channel, you can post and circulate those videos through other channels such as social media accounts, newsletters, etc.

2. Infographics

Infographics are one of the best and most used ways to repurpose content. It helps to transform your content into short and crisp that you can easily distribute along multiple channels. 

At first, you have to find the top-ranking blogs or articles with a good content review. If you have a top-ranking blog, you can convert its particular information like key takeaways, how-to steps, key data and stats into infographics. Additionally, you can summarise your article contents into short sentences, or bullet points.

To make infographics, you can use designer tools like Canva or you can hire an agency to make infographics from your top-performing content. Make sure to maintain consistency in fonts, logos, colours, etc. Make it clear with appropriate design and spacing which can increase the readability.

3. Twitter and LinkedIn Posts

If you create well-written threads on Twitter, you can get many retweets by gathering amazing attention. It is not always necessary to think about new ideas. Instead, you can reuse your article’s key points and takeaways to write engaging threads on Twitter. 

To do so, you can start with a simple test of how the followers or readers react to a thread of a simple tweet. When you get many responses from it, you can repurpose your entire blog post into multiple threads. Following this repetitively can help you to post a viral thread. 

The same process can help you to repurpose your content on LinkedIn. This is how LinkedIn and Twitter posts can be one of the best ways to repurpose your content.

4. Ebooks or Pillar Pages

Through Ebooks, you can make an ROI-driven repurposing of content. This is possible if you have many articles on a single topic.

You can convert those articles into a chapter-based and comprehensive pillar page. Pillar content means the content which answers all the questions of your audiences. These pages should link all the articles that discuss the subtopics with every detail. 

Otherwise, to get email leads, you can convert them into ebooks because some people look for downloadable ebooks to read later. To make a good ebook you can outsource content writing agencies who can help you to generate high-quality content.

5. Email Newsletters

Last but not least, sending newsletters through emails is a great way to repromote and repurpose your existing content. If you have an email subscriber list, you can use this technique. 

By following some simple ideas you can do content repurposing in the email newsletter channel. Start with an introduction or you can even add a summary to give highlights of the content. Based on their expectations, you can also add the benefits or key takeaways.

After that, you can add a CTA or link to the full article on your website. You can do the same for multiple articles in fixed intervals such as monthly or weekly roundup newsletters.

Why You Should Plan for Content Repurposing?

Here are some reasons to choose content repurposing:

Reduce Your Cost

Even if your organisation is small or big, content repurposing can help to reduce the cost of new content creation. 

Save your Time

Content repurposing can reduce the total time your team spends generating new content. As mentioned above, it allows you to spend more time on improving or optimising your existing content rather than constantly looking to create new content. 

In the meantime, you can focus on content tracking to get better results for your brand.

Increase Your Reach

With content repurposing, you can increase the brand awareness and reach by posing it into multiple channels which also helps to reach a wider audience group. 

Spread Awareness

If your brand is seen more by the audiences, it will help increase brand awareness and strength compared to less-seen brands. This will help you to build better relationships with your existing customers and to reach new audiences.

Support the SEO

With content repurposing, it becomes easier to share your content which also helps to support the SEO of your website. When you can easily share your content, it becomes easier to create more and more backlinks. 

If your SEO becomes better, you will get higher ranks on the search engines as they will see your brand more credible.


At this point, you have an idea regarding how to repurpose your most successful content. This can be a tactic and the perfect move for your company especially when you are facing problems generating new content. You can discuss the same with your content team to make it successful in a collaborative way.