Apple Watch Ultra vs Apple Watch Series 8 Specs

Apple’s commitment to wearable tech innovation is evident in their Apple Watch line-up. With the introduction of both the Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8, many are left wondering which one reigns supreme. Let’s delve into a detailed spec-by-spec comparison to ascertain the key differences.

1. Design and Build:

Apple Watch Ultra: Known for its sleek design, the Ultra boasts a titanium body, making it both lightweight and durable. Its refined finish caters to a luxury market seeking both function and style.

Apple Watch Series 8: Retaining a similar design to its predecessor, the Series 8 integrates an aluminum body. Although slightly heavier, its robust build is designed for everyday use.

2. Display:

Apple Watch Ultra: The Ultra features an AMOLED display with higher resolution and brightness levels, making it perfect for outdoor readability.

Apple Watch Series 8: Though it comes with an OLED display, the resolution and brightness are slightly lower than the Ultra, but it remains vibrant and crisp for daily tasks.

3. Battery Life:

Apple Watch Ultra: Leveraging advanced battery technology, the Ultra offers a staggering 48-hour battery life, outshining many competitors.

Apple Watch Series 8: Respectable in its own right, the Series 8 offers a 36-hour battery life, sufficient for a day and a half of extensive use.

4. Health and Fitness Tracking:

Apple Watch Ultra: Elevating health metrics, the Ultra integrates body temperature and hydration tracking, alongside the standard heart rate and sleep monitoring.

Apple Watch Series 8: While it excels in heart rate, sleep, and activity tracking, it lacks the advanced metrics the Ultra offers.

5. Connectivity and Software:

Apple Watch Ultra: Beyond standard Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the Ultra supports 5G connectivity. It runs on the latest WatchOS with exclusive Ultra features.

Apple Watch Series 8: Equipped with 4G LTE and the latest WatchOS, the Series 8 ensures swift software experience without the Ultra-exclusive features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Apple Watch is more water-resistant?

Both models are water-resistant up to 50 meters, making them suitable for swimming.

Do both watches support wireless charging?

Yes, both the Ultra and Series 8 support Apple’s wireless charging standards.

Which watch is more affordable?

The Apple Watch Series 8 is generally priced lower, targeting a broader audience, whereas the Ultra caters to a premium segment.


Choosing between the Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8 boils down to individual needs. While the Ultra offers premium features for those seeking luxury and advanced metrics, the Series 8 provides a robust, everyday smartwatch experience at a more accessible price point.