Every sphere has digital, every sector of business is wanting to thrive on the internet. As a business owner, if you cannot be reached online your influence will be limited because people seek ways to get what they want without having to move physically over to purchase what they want or do what they want to be done. There are basically three mediums of being online which are: blogs, social media, and websites. Blog involves advertising on trending articles platforms such as TechCrunch. Social media involves using platforms such as Facebook to advertise your presence. Amongst the three websites has the most advantage as it carries more content than the others. Having an online presence via a website can be in two modes; 1) on other’s websites, for example, Amazon. 2) personal website. Affiliating on other’s websites restricts content coverage and influence online. A personally owned website is the best but having the right custom website design requires choosing the right custom website designer. 

What is a custom website design? This is building a website from scratch to match a specific desire or function. There are various means that appear quick and easy to use but already designed with a premeditated function, it is programmed for a purpose. This means involves using a template designed by someone else, it’s called the drag and drop method of web design. Such websites built by this method cannot be manipulated outside the preconceived idea of the template creator. The method involves writing codes from scratch to finish. Building such a website requires a web designer with profound knowledge of web designing.

Web designing involves different programming languages examples are: python, java, CSS, etc. Custom website design requires the use of the right programming languages hence getting the right custom web designer is required if your goal must be achieved. Your business website should appear appealing to your customers that is your website appearance should be well laid out. It should have a good interface, interface; the interaction of a website user is done via the interface of the website: the searching of products, the picking of a product, and so on are possible because of the website interface. Your website should be useable, your customers should be able to easily navigate the website to find what they want and buy what they want, should be able to reach out to you either via email, social media, your contact