Does Your Unit Require Laptop Cases?

When someone gets a new phone, chances are they’re also going to buy a screen protector and phone case to prevent scuffs and other forms of damage. But can the same be said for getting a laptop? Of course, if you travel often and usually have your laptop with you, then it’s very likely that you’ll want to get a case. But what if you tend to keep your laptop at home or otherwise indoors? 

If you’re wondering how necessary laptop cases are regardless of how often you use your laptop and where you keep it, the main thing to remember is, they’re similar to phone cases. That is, their primary role is to protect your gadget – in this case, your laptop. That said, here are a few other functions to think about before you decide whether to get one for your unit or not. 

Guard Against Scratches

Even if you typically keep your laptop in one place – such as your home office or your bedroom – it’s still at risk of getting scratched and scuffed from everyday use. Even just moving it from one room to another can actually result in minor damage that, nonetheless, defaces the laptop. This is important if you’re planning to sell the laptop or trade it in, since scratches will have a negative impact on its value in the future. 

Keep Moisture Out

Most laptop sleeves and cases are made of neoprene, which repels water. Even if you’re planning to carry your laptop in your bag, a laptop sleeve will provide an extra layer of security against moisture, which is particularly helpful if you’re walking around in the rain and there’s a small chance some of that rain can get to your bag. 

Minimises Damage from Falls

No one goes around planning to drop their laptop, but all the same, such accidents happen. How well your laptop is protected, though, is a different story. 

If it’s without a case or sleeve when it drops, then chances are your laptop will sustain some damage from that unhappy fall. However, if you fumble your laptop and it has a case protecting it – especially a neoprene one, which has some bounce to it – then the chance of it getting damaged goes down considerably.

Of course, there are limits to how protective a sleeve can be; a particularly high drop, for example, or a fall onto a hard and unforgiving surface is sure to result in some damage, even with a laptop sleeve or case. Still, those kinds of accidents are rare enough that all you need to worry about is when you trip, slip, or otherwise lose your grip on your laptop when moving it.

So, in summary, if you want to use your laptop without worrying too much about scratches and minor damage, then you’ll definitely want to get a laptop case. Check out this page for a collection of great laptop sleeves and covers for you to consider.