Important Things to Know About Wi-Fi Hidden Cameras

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Security is a very important issue that concerns every homeowner, especially when they are always out for work and are only around during the night. Pretty sure that you have friendly neighbors who can see what is happening around you, but they can’t be watching the whole day since they have to mind their own business, too. Even when you are living in a peaceful community with a low crime rate, it does not mean that nothing can go wrong because we can never tell what enemies of the law are thinking or planning.

We invested so much in our properties and what we have or where we live right now is due to our hard work that’s why it is normal to protect or secure this investment. The neighborhood may be quiet, but we cannot be too lax, especially when there is no one or security personnel to roam around and keep an eye on the area. Some huge houses owned by rich homeowners may always hire security guards but not everybody can afford that so there must be another option.

I guess you won’t have other options left but to install a wireless hidden camera around the house for your peace of mind. You can always check what is happening at home anytime you want by simply opening the application through your smartphone. Everything is recorded so you can review and watch what you missed. It would be fine to hire experts to install the device and configure the setting when you are not confident to do it yourself since this requires some skills and knowledge as well.

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Wired and Wireless Cameras

When you say wireless, it refers to the transmission of signals, such as audio and video using your Wi-Fi which means that it is connected to the Internet. Since these devices are wireless, the Internet connection must be stable so that nothing can interrupt the feed that it is sending to your smartphone. That is the reason homeowners can access what the device is recording even when they are out of town. 

Depending on the model, it may require a direct power supply or powerful batteries to function. While the wired cameras will need cables attached and this will connect the device to the receiver. Those video cables will have to transmit the signal so that it can be viewed on a monitor.


The recorded footage will be saved directly on your computer’s hard drive or smartphone – read from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IP_camera#Cloud_and_local_storage to learn more. This may be backed up automatically through online storage, too. Therefore, you can always access them whenever you want and wherever you are.

As a homeowner, you are just thinking about the security of your family that’s why you installed this and that should only be the reason. Therefore, the footage should not be used for illegal purposes or for bad intentions. It would be great if you were able to capture something that can be helpful to the community or if you can share good deeds that were recorded to be appreciated.

It is also good to just remove unnecessary recordings that may damage someone’s reputation if there is one. And then, make sure to know the rules and laws in your country about the use of hidden cams to prevent future problems.

Power Source

Again, wireless security cameras do not always mean to have a power supply. So, it is better to mount or install these near power outlets so that you won’t have problems with the cable. Though it is also fine to use extensions but make sure that they are durable because you don’t usually turn off hidden security cams.

The device itself and the computer or monitor where you can watch the footage or recording needs a power source. Even the router where the Internet connection is coming from also needs a power source. Everything that concerns electric lines must be checked by an expert to make sure that the house will be safe from fire due to faulty electric lines.

But don’t forget that there are already battery-operated cams. These batteries could be rechargeable, too, but may run out without noticing it. So I guess this will be great in case there is a power interruption.

Image Detection

Capturing images or videos would be possible because the device was built with a lens and a light coming from it. This is in-charged of detecting movement and the output will depend on the feature which could be black-and-white, colored, or may even have a night-vision setting. The quality of the images will depend on the model so it could be clear like a high-density video, while low-quality ones may be blurred.

Anyway, these devices will create pictures just like the usual digital video cams that you have. And then, some of these are designed with motion detectors so the device may move as it follows the movement. Without this feature, the cam will always be focused on a single direction.

Image Transmission

These are designed with radio transmitters. The captured images will be converted as radio signals carrying a certain frequency. And then, this will be sent to the receiver which could be a computer or smartphone where the system was installed.

As soon as the signal reaches its destination, this will then be converted back as videos. Without the application or system installed, you cannot view what the hidden cam captured – check this out and see how it is connected on your android phone. Most of all, their Internet connection must be working since you are using the Wi-Fi to pick up the recording.