ISO Sensitivity And Its Role In A Perfect Photo

ISO Photography Guide [2020] – Dave Morrow Photography

Many people underestimate the weight of ISO sensitivity in photography. Considering that the most important thing is to learn how to adjust the exposure triangle correctly, ISO becomes a basic term to achieve good results.

However, three factors will help us achieve a quality photographic exposure: the shutter speed, the aperture of the diaphragm, and now, the ISO sensitivity.

In this post, we are going to explain to you properly, how and what the ISO of your camera is used for, and the role it plays in a perfect photo.

Why Do ISO Matter?

The quality of your photographs will depend to a great extent on this concept, so you must familiarize yourself with it as soon as possible.

The first thing is to learn how to use it is and understand how it works. At first, it will seem somewhat complex, but the reality is that, when you understand it, everything will make sense.

When you take a photo, you know that thanks to the aperture of the diaphragm, you can control the depth of field, and correctly adjusting the shutter speed, able to photograph the movement as you wish.

ISO And Noise In Photographs

It has already been clear that the higher the ISO sensitivity, the more noise we will get. You can easily check this when you take photos in low light conditions, where shadows dominate the scene.

But the noise of the photos is not only related to the increase in the ISO, but other factors can enhance it. The camera temperature and the post-production phase of the image can also contribute greater noise to the images.

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Keep in mind that this will also depend on the model of your camera, the size of the camera sensor and the origin of the presence of noise. Higher range cameras have processors that remove more noise so that they can go up to higher ISO numbers without a problem.