Tips to Secure Telegram for Business Use

Telegram is a popular messaging platform renowned for its security and privacy. Many consumers use this application to communicate, and your business can take advantage if you follow Telegram compliance. But how do you ensure the platform is secure enough to use with customers?

From Telegram monitoring to archiving, here are some ways to secure your company’s Telegram.

Use Secret Chats

Ordinary Telegram chats are not encrypted, so third parties may still intercept and read your messages. Fortunately, the application has a “secret chats” feature that allows users to make end-to-end encrypted text exchanges. To create a secret chat, perform the following:

  • Tap on the pencil icon or New Chat on the lower-right portion of your screen
  • Select New Secret Chat
  • Then choose a new contact for your secret chat

Enable 2-Step Verification

Mandating your employees to set up and input passwords using 2-step verification on Telegram can make the platform safer from potential risks such as theft or losing the device. Before being granted access, the user must verify their identity using a password or uploading the necessary credentials. If employees forget their code, they can quickly recover it via email.

To enable 2-step verification:

  • Navigate to the menu in the upper-left corner of the screen
  • Click on Settings and select Privacy and Security
  • Tap on Two-Step Verification and input a password

Activate Self-Destructing Media

Certain types of media can self-destruct in Telegram, meaning they disappear after some time. For instance, you can set the time for a file to disappear after 2 minutes, and you nor the recipient can no longer see the file once it expires. You can order a file to self-destruct by doing these steps:

  • Select a chat you want to send the file to
  • Click on Attach on the lower-right portion of the screen
  • Choose a new or existing image
  • Tap the icon that looks like a stopwatch and select how long you want the media to last
  • Hit send

Disable Active Sessions

When a company gets busy, multiple devices may be used to attend various sessions simultaneously. While this is convenient, forgetting which device you logged into and neglecting to optout may pose a significant risk to privacy. You can prevent security breaches from active sessions by performing the following:

  • Navigate to the menu foundin the upper-left corner of the screen
  • Click on Settings and select Privacy and Security
  • Tap Active Sessions, then tap Terminate all other sessions

Use an Archiving Solution

The risk of regulatory compliance violations increases greatly when you do not keep an archive of all the messages your business receives and sends on your chosen platforms. Failure to comply may result in legal ramifications that could tarnish your reputation. One of the most effective approaches to ensure compliance is partnering with third-party archiving solutions providers such as LeapXpert.

LeapXpert maintains a complete record of all messages from various platforms to ensure you comply with strict regulations imposed by organizations. Get in touch with us on our website to get started.