Top 10 Premium Residential Proxies providers

If you’re looking for the best residential proxy servers, look no further than our list. We found the top ten providers of residential proxies and put them together in one convenient place.

What is a residential proxy?

A residential proxy server is used to conceal the IP address of a client. A residential proxy server works by routing traffic through an intermediary server, which can be any device capable of accepting web traffic and passing it along to another device or website.

Who uses residential proxies?

Residential proxies are popular among a variety of people, including business leaders and decision-makers, analysts, academics, software engineers, IT professionals, and many more!

Why do people use residential proxies?

Residential proxies let you choose a specific location (country, state, city) and surf the web as a real user in that area. This can help you avoid web blocks or content restrictions.

Top 10 Premium Residential Proxies providers

1) Let’s take a look at the top Premium Residential Proxies providers!

( – The fastest one:

ProxyEmpire - Top 10 Premium Residential Proxies providers

ProxyEmpire offers high-quality rotating residential proxies that let you scrape open data across multiple countries. With over 5 million proxy IPs located in 170+ countries and thousands of regions, they offer one of the largest commercial proxy networks in the world.

ProxyEmpire is a leading provider of rotating residential proxies.

Slower residential proxies:


PrivateProxy is not just another premium proxy provider. They take a comprehensive, customized approach to help you with your proxy activity online. You can try PrivateProxy for free, and if you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact their support staff for assistance.

3) Bright Data

Bright Data is the leading premium residential proxy provider among businesses worldwide. For example, many companies rely on Bright Data for brand protection, data collection, and online advertising monitoring.

4) The Social Proxy

The Social Proxy website makes it easy to connect to the Internet and, with their premium residential proxy providers available on the site, we’re happy to see that they walk their talk. With Social Proxy you can get an IP address from Germany and the UK. You can make the most out of their rich list of features, talk to their customer support team through a chat log on their website when you need help, and get rotating IP addresses that change every few hours.

5) Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies is a  premium residential proxies provider. They offer residential proxies to help you protect your brand, perform market research, gather intelligence for ad verification, and much more. Storm Proxies has 70,000 IP addresses in its pool, ensuring that your information remains secure.

6) BeeProxy

BeeProxy provides residential and data center proxies. You can use this provider’s residential proxies without having to make large monthly monetary commitments. You can choose from a range of IP addresses allocated in multiple countries. This helps you gain extra security when you access websites.

BeeProxy it’s a good premium residential proxies provider!

7) OxyLabs

OxyLabs offers a large proxy network with more than 100 million IP addresses, so you can get access to any site regardless of where you live. The proxies are high-quality and come from legitimate sources. OxyLabs does not charge for concurrent sessions, which means you can scrape all the data you want through back-to-back sessions. Businesses have the option of setting a time for IP change or requesting random IP changes.

8) YourPrivateProxy

YourPrivateProxy is a top residential proxy provider, and its website might be a little bit old school, but it makes up for its lack of good looks with premium features. Each of our plans is designed to meet our client’s needs in terms of connectivity, speed and bandwidth, replacement policies, and some simultaneous connections. Unlimited IP addresses with unlimited traffic, unlimited bandwidth, and multiple subnets are available. And you can use their services in multiple cities to improve your website’s performance.

9) Geonode

Geonode offers premium residential proxies to help you scrape any site at scale. Geonode’s proxies can easily handle millions of requests per month, and there are no transfer limits for monthly activity. Your data is never capped. You can try them out for a week — but only if you give them $7. We think this is affordable if you don’t want to end up signing up for something you are going to regret.

10) ProxyRack

This premium residential proxy provider offers packages for individuals as well as for businesses. ProxyRack offers a variety of proxy packages, including residential IP addresses from several countries. If you want to use social media or carry out ad verification, it can be helpful to have a fast and reliable proxy network.