When the emails are sent in bulk, there are more chances of sending them to invalid or non-existent addresses. It will adversely affect the reputation of the businesses, and there is a high probability of getting marked as spam. Do check out disposable email checker

What is Email Verification?

Email verification are used to ensure the validity and check whether it belongs to a real person. Thus, it is a process to verify and authenticate the email addresses.

Why Should You Verify Email Addresses for Cold Emails?

Before analyzing, why a person must verify their email lists, it is vital to acknowledge why you should not miss the verification step. The following reasons are stated below:

1] Keeps Bounces Away

Due to high bounce rates, the email service provider may block you. To avoid this, it is beneficial that you use email verification. It helps to filter the invalid addresses from the list.

2] Improves Sender Reputation and Email Deliverability

Each email account of a sender has a reputation score. If this score is high then, the deliverability will also be higher. The ESP decides the score of your reputation. Sending emails to invalid email addresses may lower your reputation score and the ESP may also suspend your account.

3] Better Engagement

Better engagement rates can be better by sending emails to potential people who are interested in what you offer. This also increases the open and click-through rates.

4] Accurate Metrics

The metrics will be more accurate when you send email to valid addresses. This will help you to take better initiative in your decision-making on the advertising campaigns.

5] Gets Better Results from Email Campaigns

The performance of your campaigns can likely be positive when the invalid email addresses are removed or deliverability rates are improved. This will eventually result in sending the emails to the intended recipient’s inbox.

Email Validation Vs Email Verification

Email validation is a process that helps to confirm whether the email addresses are formatted correctly and meet their required standards. Whereas, email verification is used to ensure that the emails are being sent to a valid email address.

When Should You Verify Your Mailing List?

It’s a question to think about, how often do you need to validate your mailing list? Here are the following when you need to check:

1] Upon getting a new mailing list

2] When there is an increase in bounce rates

3] Periodically

What Should You Choose- A Free Email Verification Tool or A Paid Tool?

There are free tools which are available for verifying the email address but that will not be suitable for a busy salesperson who deals in bulk. That is the reason why it is preferred to use a paid tool that will support bulk verification easily.

Start Verifying Your Emails!

Verification of emails is a crucial step everyone must follow before you start your cold campaign. There is a huge difference between cold emailing and email marketing. Everyone must develop a habit of email verification.