Pros and cons of purchasing Google stock

The sales of GOOG stock started in the decade of 1990s. People were amazed at this step of the company because at that time the company was surviving only on search business. Now there are many portals available on internet, which belongs to Google. These portals have forced the other companies to struggle to survive in the market. Some of these companies are AOL, Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, and many more.

Searching on Google brought a lot of revenue to the company and this led the company to introduce GOOG stock. The NASDAQ GOOG (GOOG stock price) has become popular among the investors and many of them purchased the shares of Google. The growth of shares on IPO went up to ten times in the year 2004.

The year 2020 started with the coronavirus pandemic. This led to some loss to the company and the stock went down to -2%. Investors started purchasing the shares of the company. There are many advantages and disadvantages of purchasing Google stock and some of them are discussed here.


Let us discuss the advantages and then we will go to disadvantages.


Google stock will prosper with the help of mobile because of the android operating system launched by the company. There are many mobile manufacturing companies that are using this operating system in their mobiles. Other apps are AdMob, Google map, Gmail, calendar, drive, etc. Ithas been estimated that search business will be boosted with the mobile and will also boost up the revenue.  Since mobile is a personal device so people can make as many search as they like. They can also click the ads of their choice.


Another advantage of investing in GOOG stock is the video, which is shown on the YouTube. YouTube has become the dominant platform for sharing videos and it also has the option of downloading the videos. YouTube also lets the advertisers to publish their ads. The traditional advertising media was slow and that is the reason that now the companies are focusing on digital marketing and Google is the topmost brand in this field.


The revenue of the company has grown and is growing. The pace of growth is steady so people should not worry about investing in Google stock.


Now we will talk about disadvantages.


There are very few companies who have successfully launched their software and hardware and Google is not much successful in the case of hardware. Google has taken hold of Motorola company and that was a big blow to its hardware business so Motorola was sold to Lenovo.

In all, it can be said that investing in Google stock is a good option as people will get dividend and they can earn profit. You can get more information like releases at